Tuesday, April 15, 2008

23--I am sadly finished.

I do not want to be done--now I have no "real" excuse to explore. Give us more. This was a great experience. My final comments are posted under "Diana" on the main web page. If I can just remember all that I learned. I am a very hands on and visual person. This was just what I needed. As I worked my way through the "things" I found myself putting them out there for my students to use. I had the tech unblock a site so that my students could use it for what it actually was--not sure he even new that. Fun. What can you do differently--nothing. I only had problems with one or two things and it was probably that I did not give myself the time needed to explore. Life is busy, but this program gave me the opportunity to learn to help others better. Yes.

Thing 22

Web junction and Minitex will be my reminders and trainers. I love this “stuff” I feel it is my job to let kids know what is available and teach them how to use it. If we do not encourage our students to use what is available to them in the technology world, I think we have let them down. I also subscribe to other school media specialist blogs and that helps keep me on track as does the training that I try to attend. I do feel a bit behind however. Thanks for the help.

Thing 21--Other networks

I had the most fun with Web junction. It offered so many things that I can use in the future. I also enjoyed our very own social network...Could we use one in our library--yes--carefully. Would it get out of control--probably--is that a bad thing--depends. I would need to think this over. I am not sure what I am supposed to add to this blog from the nim site--I created my own account and found the network that created the account for this. Any ideas?

Thing 20 Facebook and MySpace

I have had a site on Facebook for almost 4 years now. I love it. It started as a way to communicate with my college – age daughter and now I communicate with family and friends of my family who have accounts. It is wonderful to connect to friends all over the United States and the World. I have posted on walls, added photos, posted comments on friends’ photos etc. The only thing I will not do is allow high school students to have access to my site or be my “friends”. They think it is cool that I have a site—being old and all—but I tell them not to bother to ask—it is just too much of a problem. I don’t want to know!!! Many graduates have added me and that is just fine. I don’t do groups too much either, I like just keeping things basic. I explored MySpace and have a lot before too. I have seen it change and grow—not always to my liking. It has become much more secure and that is good. I think we need to educate our kids more on how to use social networking sites safely instead of taking them away. It is part of my curriculum.

Thing 19 Podcasts

I enjoyed the podcasts from St. Cloud State. It was interesting to hear the challenges of other libraries and the personal perspectives. It would be nice to be able to use them either through the mp3 players or on the net, but again, many are blocked to staff and students. I can understand some of the reasoning. I would like to you books on mp3 players--I think the kids would embrace the technology.

Thing 18YouTube Video post


Cookie Monster in the library

Thing 18--You Tube

This was a fun thing to do. I watched a video about a library workout--fun and then watched a class about library 2.0. It was very good and informative. I could see using this on the library website to show the development of the media center, locations, etc. It could also be used as a training tool--however it is blocked. TeacherTube has a lot of great videos for educators and is accepted by most servers.